Invitation to The Turn

What games do you play?

The games many of us live by are destroying our homes, our communities, and our world. 

They push and pull our bodies, confuse our minds and splinter our souls.  

They have led us into a struggle against ourselves, a conflict between our up and down, our left and right. 

If we have time to pause, we wonder for what, and for whom, we are fighting.

Imagine a playground of ideas, where our differences generate rather than divide, where the patterns of a new world unfold, spun from the lessons of stories past. A place to pause, to process, and to gift culture the space it needs to germinate, develop, and bear fruit. 

Welcome to the Turn.

Join us this Spring Equinox in breathing new spirit into the cycles of life.

There will be games of ideas, of listening, of connecting and imagining.

Join the games, or bring your own.

And with us give birth to new forms of play.

The present calls for its Turn.

Will you play?