20th March 2021

Part 1

20.00 CET
15.00 EST
12.00 PST

Introduction to the Turn & Glass Bead Games

55 minutes

5-minute break

Part 2

21.00 CET
16.00 EST
13.00 PST

Choose from one of three sessions:

1. Collaborative Storytelling

A fun and collaborative game to collectively imagine and develop new stories. Using the Glass Bead Game structure of short turns, there are no fixed journeys or endings, multiple ideas co-exist, all made possible by cooperative exchange and deep listening.

2. Wicked Question Game

Can we TURN our questions into something really transformative? By using only questions, players collaboratively develop and dig deeper into the meaning that they seek. By the end each player should have greatly improved their enquiry, and through lightness and humour have held space for life-changing conversations. No-one has left this game the same person they were before!

3. Glass Bead Game: Deep Dive

In this session The Turn itself will become the focus of a turn. We will collectively explore, create and evaluate new ways of thinking about, understanding, mapping and harnessing the concept of The Turn. This is a deep dive into the very heart of creation and generativity, so bring your towel.

1 hour 20 minutes

10-minute break

Part 3

22.30 CET
17.30 EST
14.30 PST

Design, Pitch and Discuss

We are opening the playground to new games and ideas. We will have some fast rounds of Dragon’s Den type pitches, then have some more in-depth breakout discussions and sharing. This session will be recorded.

40 minutes

After Party

Hosted on Gather Town.